Biden To Offer 300K Work Visas To Help Mexico | VDARE Video Bulletin
June 29, 2022, 05:45 PM
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Because it is not enough that our border is seeing record high illegal crossings, and that Traitor Joe has released more than 1 million illegal alien colonizers since taking office, the Regime is now giving 300,000 temporary work visas to Mexican and Central Americans so they can steal our jobs.

Interior Minister Adan Augusto Lopez explained that the move to grant more temporary work visas would alleviate “migrant” pressure on Mexico, saying that Mexico faces a “high price, in terms of social costs” … “to be a crossing point for migrants.”

But A.W. Morgan writes for

You don’t say.

Well, it’s a “high price, in terms of social costs, for our country” — meaning America — to import a bazillion penniless illiterates.

If only Traitor Joe wanted to “generate [better] conditions” for his own people by closing the border and deporting illegals instead of releasing them to occupy American cities and towns.

Then again, Traitor Joe doesn’t consider Americans his own people. That is why he wants to replace us.

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