Biden Must Be Impeached For Immigration Malfeasance | VDARE Video Bulletin
January 25, 2022, 03:07 PM
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The White House and the Leftist Regime Media care more about Russians invading Ukraine than millions of “migrants” invading the United States.

In fact, Biden’s press conference revealed why he must be impeached for immigration malfeasance

In a rare press conference, Biden finally addressed his treasonous immigration policy. He offered no apologies and no changes. Instead, he lied about the border crisis he created and said Amnesty was the only solution.

The word “border” came up nine times, but only three times did the word refer to our own.

“People don’t sit around in Guatemala and say, “I got a great idea: Let’s sell everything we have, give the money to a — to a coyote, take us across a terribly dangerous trip up through Central America and up through Mexico, and drop us — sneak us across the border, drop us in the desert.  Won’t that be fun?”

When asked about his report card on immigration, Biden said this:

“I’ve laid out a proposal on immigration that if we passed it, we’d be in a totally different place right now.  But we’re not there because we don’t have a single Republican vote.  My buddy John McCain is gone.”

That proposal includes blanket amnesty for illegal border crossers, as well as direct payments to the illegals once they step foot on American soil.

Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan recently said that more than three million people tried to illegally enter the country last year. At least 600,000 succeeded, and they can rest assured they won’t be deported. The Biden Regime announced last year that it would no longer deport illegals unless they are convicted of a “serious crime.” 

Washington Watcher writes: 

“When the Republicans take back Congress, they must impeach Biden.”

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