VDARE Radio: The Media is Dead, Long Live the Alt Media!
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to VDARE Radio.


According to a recent study, trust in the media has plummeted to record lows [Fueled by Republicans, Americans’ trust in media hits all-time low, by Dylan Byers, CNN, September 14, 2016].


Amusingly enough, Donald Trump said he is very proud of this, which only fuels the outraged screams from the press [Trump ‘really proud’ of role in reducing trust in media, by Rebecca Savransky, The Hill, September 15, 2016].


Of course, this is one of the great things about Donald Trump. He is a wrecking ball, bashing through corrupt institutions. Now, the lying press is the latest deserving victim.


But why should immigration patriots be so angry at journalists? I’ve often thought the immigration issue is similar to the media’s treatment of the Second Amendment. When guns are described in the press, it’s clear reporters don’t really know what they are talking about it. They don’t know the details of the weapons they want to ban. They don’t know why people use or enjoy guns. All they know how to do is how to virtue signal, to pathologize the people who do know about these things.


Similarly, with the immigration issue, the job of reporters isn’t to inform us, but to distort and keep us ignorant. Readers of VDARE.com may know about the details of immigration law, about the different kinds of visa programs, about the legislative history which has led us to this point. As John Derbyshire often observes, immigration is a policy. In theory, it shouldn’t be some horrible offense to discuss the different options any more than it is to discuss health care or the estate tax.


Yet it is. As the author “Decius” noted in his masterful “Flight 93 Election” essay, immigration is the great moral absolute of our ruling class. It is beyond dispute. And when the Main Stream Media reports on it, it isn’t to analyze the issue or even to present it as a legitimate debate. It’s simply to virtue signal.


We’re all familiar with the sob stories centered on various illegal immigrants who aren’t even supposed to be in this country. We get the outraged stories about Donald Trump’s policy proposals, the quotes from anti-American activists presented as if they are objective experts, the undercurrent of fierce contempt against Americans who simply want the laws of their country enforced. We’ll never get stories in the Main Stream Media about the costs of immigration, both financial and human.  We’re used to this.


Recently, it was revealed that Mexico is building – you guessed it, a wall – to protect its borders from illegal immigration from Central America.[Mexico builds its own wall against migrants, by James Fredrick and Jude Webber, Financial Times, September 14, 2016]



They may look like they're crossing the Rio Grande, but this is actually the Usumacinta River into Mexico.


No word on whether they are making Ecuador pay for it. There are no screams of outrage or cries of fascism from the same reporters who have spent the last year and a half warning that Donald Trump is the second coming of Mussolini. What is “far right” in Western countries is simply regarded as common sense in every other nation in the world.


It’s strange, because you get the impression reporters think of themselves as some kind of a check on power, activists against the status quo. But this isn’t true. They are a support to the system, in many ways an indispensable support. Their job is to hunt down dissidents (preferably to get them fired) and marginalize opposition. Heck, when Peter Brimelow spoke at the recent Alt Right press conference, they didn’t even report what he said, which is why we had to post an annotated transcript here at VDARE.com.


This is even extending to culture. It’s journalists who are constantly pushing for more restrictions against speech online. Journalists who seem to be protecting politicians against citizens, rather than the other way around. Even journalists who are trying to get entertainers they don’t like fired, as Joe Bernstein at Buzzfeed recently did with Sam Hyde.


Really, this election has nothing to do with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. In some ways, it’s not even a referendum on the National Question and immigration. It’s a referendum on the Main Stream Media. The MSM has been utterly exposed as a political actor in its own right, with its own agenda and its political program. “Political correctness” isn’t just some vague catch-all term that Republicans use to complain about things they don’t like. It’s a deeply important issue in its own right, equally as important as foreign policy. Ultimately, the question comes down to this – do far left reporters, in open alliance with commissars such as those at the Southern Poverty Law Center, have the right to determine what speech is permitted, what policies are allowed to be discussed, and who is even allowed to be employed in an ostensibly free country? The survival of our country depends upon the answer to that question.


For that reason, we have to welcome the collapse of faith in the media. We are in the strange position of actually welcoming a certain amount of cynicism. The MSM should be discredited and disgraced. Of course, we also need to build our own media, which tells the truth even when the cost to ourselves is great. And with your help, that’s what we are building at VDARE.com, the voice of the historic American nation – your voice.


I’m Virginia Dare and we will talk again soon.

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