ZeroHedge's Swedish Immigration Story Provokes Thought: Has Treason Lobby Started Hasbara Operation?
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On Monday, ZeroHedge carried Sweden Announces Latest Crackdown On Immigration Rules As Govt Seeks To Dissuade New Arrivals, by Taylor Durden, July 17, 2023. This was derived from a Remix essay with the same title, by Thomas Brooke, July 16, 2023.

The measures are just a package intended to make new asylum applications more difficult. Still, they do represent some follow-through on the sweeping promises made by the new Government in June: Rapefugee-Ruined Sweden Announces Reversal Of Immigration Policy. US MSM Totally Represses.

All we have had from the Biden Mob are efforts to make immivasion easier: Biden Mob Abolishes Border DNA Tests To Facilitate Family Fraud—And Child Prostitution?

To say nothing of the Italian atrocity: Giorgia Meloni Betrays Italian Workers Over Legal Immigration.

As I remarked in discussing the Swedish policy reversal:

Experienced VDARE readers will be choking on a surge of skepticism … We have heard this before.

But I added:

This Swedish news is “necessary but not sufficient.” If the country is to save itself, this stage has to be passed through. Maybe this is another lie. Maybe not.

Unlike Remix, ZeroHedge is primarily a US service. When first looking at this story a couple of days ago I was struck by the huge wave of jeering negative comments, to the effect that these actions were too little, a fraud, and Sweden was too far gone to save itself. Almost none argued that the swamping of Sweden had any benefits for Swedes—a proposition absurd on its face.

There is a species of commenter who delights in cheap pessimism. But this volume was abnormal. And where did these self-appointed Swedish experts come from?

Subsequently, the comments have rebalanced and become more sensible:


JUL 17, 2023 3:49

Sweden has had a few "issues" since inviting the third world to come and live there. Mostly near 1000% increases in rape and sexual assault, huge increases in petty crime, robbery etc. and No-Go ghettos. See also Denmark, France, Germany, UK, Italy...


JUL 17, 2023 9:06

70%+ of migrants return to their home for holidays and then come back to Sweden for their free stuff...

it's truly insane...

The situation reminds me of the internet Obamacare battles. Plenty of people had figured out that this was basically the seizure of the health savings of the economically competent and predominantly white part of society and the transfer of this loot to the economically incompetent and mainly colored segment.

But with remarkable frequency smug and unverifiable comments would surface about how wonderful and generous Obamacare was. Retrospectively, an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

The Israelis notoriously spend large sums to deploy Social Media commentators (“Hasbara”) to argue their case. I have no doubt the Obamacrats had done the same thing.

Now I am beginning to think that the Treason Lobby has deployed the same tactic, in the hope of discouraging and demoralizing Patriots.

Alas, they have the money.







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