YOU Are The Answer! New Recurring Monthly Donors Receive A Thank You Pack!
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See earlier: Initiative #2: Solving The "Distribution Problem"

Earlier this week, our President and Publisher, Lydia Brimelow, described in detail our second of five initiatives we are unveiling this June: “Solving the ‘Distribution Problem.’” In it, she explains “ is the tip of the spear when it comes to online suppression,” even back in the early 2000’s. We suffered a serious blow at the hands of Google in 2017 when our search engine results were hidden from its algorithms, then six major deplatforming attempts in 2020.

Yet Woke Tech can’t keep us down! We are working hard to protect our ability to reach friends and educate the American public online. This is part of what we call’s invisible Fortress, the infrastructure that keeps our journalism flowing to you.

The most important part of that invisible fortress is YOU! Through referrals, by sharing our articles over friendly social media, through email, and even via snail mail, you are the answer to “the distribution problem.”

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Subscribe to the VDARE Quarterly here and drop off extra magazines at the doctor’s office, with friends, or in a Little Free Library!
  2. Join our Book Club here and invite a friend to the discussion!
  3. Commit to a recurring donation to help us plan for the future! From now until the 4th of July, all new recurring monthly donors of $15 or more will receive a thank-you pack including a variety of stickers and two hand sanitizer pens. (One for you, and one for your newest best friend at that Fourth of July BBQ!)

Thank you all for your loyalty! Together, we refuse to be cancelled! Please consider sending your gift today!

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