White Pill: 73% Of 2020 Trump Voters Say Racism Against White Americans Is A Problem
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How about a huge White Pill?

Poll: Trump voters say racism against white Americans is a bigger problem than racism against Black Americans, Yahoo News!, July 21, 2023

The polling follows the dismissal of a lawsuit put forth by the survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre, which many saw as a potential blueprint for reparation efforts.

As public support for reparations for African Americans remains stubbornly low, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll reveals one major roadblock: Donald Trump voters believe that racism against white Americans has become a bigger problem than racism against Black Americans.

The survey of 1,638 U.S. adults, which was conducted from July 13-17, shows that among 2020 Trump voters, 62% say that racism against Black Americans is a problem today — while 73% say that racism against white Americans is a problem.

Asked how much of a problem racism currently is, just 19% of Trump voters describe racism against Black Americans as a “big problem.” Twice as many (37%) say racism against white Americans is a big problem.

Trump voters and self-identified Republicans — overlapping but not identical cohorts — are the only demographic groups identified by Yahoo News and YouGov who are more likely to say racism against white Americans is a problem than to say the same about racism against Black Americans. A majority (51%) of white Americans, for instance, think racism against people who look like them is a problem — but overall, far more white Americans (72%) say racism against Black Americans is a problem.

Politics, in other words, is the dividing line here — and political dynamics go a long way toward explaining why reparations for Black Americans continue to be so unpopular in the U.S.

The new Yahoo News/YouGov poll follows the dismissal earlier this month of a lawsuit put forth by the three remaining survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre seeking reparations for ongoing harm caused by the racist rampage that destroyed their once-thriving majority-Black community a century ago. The trio of survivors had sued under Oklahoma’s public nuisance law, claiming that the ripple effects of the massacre continue to affect the Greenwood community today.

Many supporters saw the Oklahoma suit as a potential blueprint for reparation efforts around the country. But the latest ruling, which dismissed the case with prejudice — meaning it cannot be filed again — is seen as a stinging setback. The survivors and their attorneys have promised to appeal.

Yet the reality is that even with qualifications, most U.S. adults oppose reparations for Black Americans. According to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll, just a quarter of them (24%) say Black Americans should receive “restitution or reparations from the government — not necessarily direct cash payments — as a result of inequities caused by racism and slavery,” while 56% say they should not.

Every action by our elite is to stop the rise of a statesman who will harness this energy … unapologetically advocating for the America we all know can come back. Acknowledging that individual white people have collective interests is the first step toward the restoration of sanity in a nation our ancestors created for their posterity.

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