What If RBG Had Her Fingers Crossed While Making Her Dying Wish?
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Earlier: Justice Ginsburg Dies: "My Most Fervent Wish Is That I Will Not Be Replaced Until A New President Is Installed."

It’s a tragedy Justice Ginsburg is no longer with us to help the Supreme Court deliberate over the many fascinating legal issues raised by her Dying Wish, such as: What if Justice Ginsburg had her fingers crossed while making her Dying Wish? Does it still count, legally speaking?

Also, when, exactly, did the United States of America adopt the Dying Wish form of government in the movie Gladiator, in which Emperor Richard Harris is going to adopt General Russell Crowe and make him his heir to the throne, but then Prince Joaquin Phoenix kills the elder and steals the crown?

Ginsburg’s death of course means that when the Supreme Court rules on the Constitutionality of her Dying Wish, as it inevitably must, they will split 4-4.

So civil war is inevitable.

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