What Goes Around Comes Around: Will Wilkinson Fired In Liberaltarian Meltdown at Niskanen Center
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Liberaltarian pundit Will Wilkinson just got fired by Niskanen Center president Jerry Taylor for emitting a lame but obvious joke about how both sides of the political spectrum could find unity in lynching Mike Pence.

The centrist Niskanen Center announced:

Ironically, Taylor, the man who fired Wilkinson for his dumb joke, put out an evidently serious tweet encouraging violence last summer.

The president of the Niskanen Institute boasted that if he’d been part of the trespassing BLM Mostly Peaceful Protester: “I like to think I’d rush them and beat their brains in.”

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Taylor then doubled-down on endorsing violence:

But … amusingly, Wilkinson himself strongly endorsed Google firing scientific truth-teller James Damore in 2017:

For my part, I think the dude was way out of his lane, and I would have canned him in a second for hurting team morale and the company’s PR.

But at least Wilkinson didn’t call for beating up Damore (I hope), so he’s got that going for him in his argument with his ex-boss.

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