What Concerns Caused Commissar Chutkan’s Hard-Fought Cloture Vote In 2014?
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I see President Trump is very sensibly demanding that crazily partisan and vengeful Commissar Tanya Chutkan be stopped from handling his Jan 6 case, and that a venue outside the District of Columbia be found: Trump calls for recusal of judge in Jan. 6 case ‘on very powerful grounds,’ by Ryan King, New York Post, August 6, 2023.

Trump is absolutely right of course. As I documented in Jamaican Immigrant Kritarch Tanya Chutkan Is Trump’s J6 Judge. But What About Her Lack Of Judicial Temperament, Huge Conflict Of Interest?, Chutkan displayed her colors by sentencing all 38 of the Jan. 6 martyrs whose cases she tried to prison terms, in many cases more severe than the DC prosecutors (not a merciful lot) asked for. In four cases they did not ask for prison at all.

Furthermore her comments exculpating the BLM rioters and claiming the Jan. 6 demonstrators were trying to overthrow the Federal Government shows her to be the worst kind of Left Looney Tune. Would any group trying to overthrow the Government leave every single one of their many guns at home? The idea is stupid on its face.

Additionally, Trump is quite right about D.C. juries. As I said in my essay above:

…the Washington, D.C. Federal judicial court district is located in an area which is 62% non-white and which voted 92.15% for Biden in 2020 … the District is simply a political guillotine for white Republicans.

There is a skeleton in Commissar Chutkan’s closet.

In order to get her confirmed in 2014, the Democratic-controlled Senate had to resort to a cloture vote. This was hard fought, passing 54-40 with only RINO Senators Collins (ME)  and Murkowski (AK) voting aye.

Then, of course, as John Derbyshire complains in Judge Chutkan And Friends: They Hate YOU, Not Just Trump, the Republicans predictably wimped out. Chutkan was confirmed 95-0.

As I understand matters, the standard tactic when faced with a truly objectionable nominee who, however, is embarrassing to vote against for reasons of political optics, is to prevaricate and conduct a whispering campaign. The hope is that the other side will not have the nerve to force a cloture vote and the nomination will die.

The Democrats, however, were absolutely determined to have an anti-white Leftist on the D.C. Bench. They did have the nerve.

Even for obviously politically motivated Kritarchs, cloture votes are rare.

Despite fairly extensive digging, I cannot find what upset the Senate GOP so much in 2104.

It behooves all patriots—to say nothing of Trump’s legal team—to explore this.



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