WALL STREET JOURNAL Supplies Justification: Seize Darien Gap To Cut Immivasion!
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On Monday the Wall Street Journal (to my surprise) published a very important article on the current immivasion situation: Masses of Migrants Overwhelm Panama’s Darién Gap, by Santiago Perez, June 26, 2023. [Archive link]

The WSJ has a schizoid history on immigration. The Editorial Page, not in this case living up to its reputation of being conservative, has for many years been a dogmatic immigration booster, brutally excluding any dissent. This is very serious, since the page is Corporate America’s only morning glimpse of the broader political scene.

(I discussed an amusing apparent exception to this in Did Hoover’s Peter Robinson Trick The Wall Street Journal Edit Page Into Running An Immigration Patriot Article?)

The News section, generally thought of as conventionally Leftist, occasionally lets news hunger overcome ideological considerations. Of course it has a tin ear: WSJ Crows: "Refugees" get scarce jobs ahead of Americans. This story did at least document that native Tennesseans are indeed losing many slaughterhouse jobs to this pampered community.

This Darien Gap story seems to be another example.

Mainly the account is concerned with the physical sufferings of the poor immivaders, having to cross a very rugged and dangerous area. Being the WSJ, it does deviate to celebrate the boost to the local economy caused by the procession.

However, it reveals critical statistics:

Crossings of migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Ecuador and as far away as Africa or China could hit a record of 400,000 this year, according to United Nations estimates… More than half a million migrants have crossed the jungle since 2021, including more than 183,000 so far this year, according to Panama’s government.

In other words, the Panamanians are expecting at least an 18.6% increase in H2 2023 compared to H1. At 400,000, the flow would be 39.6% above the 2021 & 2022 average. And there is no reason to suppose it will not go higher.

Everyone agrees these people are headed for America. The Panamanians are facilitating a massive and insulting violation of U.S. sovereignty, one very damaging to the living standards of the general American community.

The U.S. is said to have 750 military bases in 80 countries and 173,000 troops in 159 countries. Supposedly that includes 11,000 in Panama.

It is time to use some of this strength to do something worthwhile for Americans. The Darien Gap should be seized and closed to the immivaders, cutting the jugular of the immivasion.  Panama has only itself to blame.

In 2010 in Thought For Veterans Day: Why Not Occupy Mexico's Smuggle Island? Peter Brimelow suggested this because of the people trafficking via Mexico’s Coronado islands. The Darien Gap issue is hugely more serious.

Organizing an alternative route capable of handling a flow of this size would take a long time. And the host governments would very likely take the hint.

As always, America has the means to protect itself from immivasion (though few as efficient as this).

Our Rulers simply do not want to.

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