Vogue Williams: A Fighting Retreat—UNDER THREAT OF DEATH
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I said yesterday that Irish model Vogue William's week-long refusal to grovel after her June 4 Dublin Sunday World column calling for internment camps for Muslim extremists was extraordinary because a career in a nogoodnik-dominated field like fashion or academe is completely incompatible with patriotism.

Now Williams seems to have made a fighting retreat (hard to tell because the Sunday World doesn't seem to have posted either column online): 'I made a mistake and I'm sorry but the reaction I got - death threats - doesn't promote debate' - Vogue Williams on internment comments, by Aoife Kelly, Independent.ie, June 11, 2017.

She says it was written "at a time when I was upset and shocked" and she felt "frightened and angry".

She says she stands by her belief that if the UK government had "insight into the individuals or network that carried out the attacks then the country should act on that with a zero tolerance approach".

However, she adds, "But after reflecting more deeply, I understand that suggesting internment camps - ie imprisonment without trial - was a misguided opinion...

While admitting she "made a mistake" and is "sorry for that" she condemns the reaction she received which included "death threats, hate, pure vilification" and said it "doesn't promote debate". [Emphasis added].

Of course the "reaction" doesn't "promote a debate" because the CultMarx Left (of which Ireland seems to have a particularly nasty version) doesn't want a debate—it wants, in a word, submission.

Vogue Williams was careful to point out in her first column (column legible in picture) that internment had originally been proposed by a Muslim former police chief in Britain, Uganda-born Tarique Ghaffur. Needless to say, this did her no good at all. But rationally it should have done.

As a professional model, Williams is actually a small business conglomerate, every single stakeholder in which has no doubt been demanding that she capitulate. Even Rush Limbaugh retreated in a similar situation.

And she has an additional concern: death threats are no joke in Ireland, where internment remains bitterly controversial after its use against the Irish Republican Army. The Sunday World itself was arguably responsible for the never-solved 2006 assassination of Donald Donaldson, a British informer within the IRA, whose whereabouts it had revealed.

All in all, Williams' behavior is commendable compared with the typical American cuckservative like e.g. Rich Lowry.

Some perspective: Williams’ position is kinder and gentler than that of VDARE.com—we think the only answer is a moratorium on immigration and Muslim expulsion.

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