"Virginia Man" Vazquez Gets Only 20 Years For "Workplace Violence" Murder; Immigration Judge Released Him After Felony Strangling Charge Months Before The Murder
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Earlier (2018): Mexican Illegal Freed By Immigration Judge Attacks Sailors On Fishing Boat, Killing One

The Justice Department’s release on illegal-alien murderer Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez isn’t quite as bad as the Associated Press report about his guilty plea in March, but it runs a close second. What’s worse, authorities had the ex-DACA recipient in custody long before he murdered scallop-boat Captain Billy Haver.

As VDARE’s James Fulford explained, AP called him a “Virginia man,” but waited until the 11th paragraph to explain that Vazquez is an illegal alien.

DOJ explained that Vazquez is a Mexican illegal in the second graf, but insisted on calling him a “Virginia man” in the first, then explained that the murder was “workplace violence” [Virginia Man Sentenced to Nearly 20 Years in Prison for Murder Aboard Commercial Scalloping Boat, Justice.gov, August 11, 2022].

Forgetting the idiocy of calling the murder “workplace violence,” a term that could apply to soldiers killed on a battlefield or a cop killed in the line of duty, illegal presence in the United States should be an aggravating factor that increases a charge from second-degree to first-degree or even to capital murder. And recall this: Vazquez is a heroin addict, another possible aggravating factor for being an illegal alien involved with drugs. And authorities in Virginia had arrested him for “abduction,” then released him, six months before he murdered Haver [The Latest: Fishing crew member released over ICE objections, Associated Press, September 18, 2022].

But again, forget DOJ.

The details of the “abduction,” which was really an attempted murder, are worth recalling:

Newport News police responded to a domestic abuse complaint from Meave’s wife on March 8. …

She said she and Meave were in bed talking about their relationship problems when he snapped. “I want you to see reality,” she said he told her, before he suddenly climbed on top of her “and began to strangle her with both hands,” according to a criminal complaint.

The woman told police she couldn’t breathe, and “believed she blacked out momentarily,” before she scratched Meave, causing him to stop choking her. She tried to call her mother, she said, but Meave grabbed both her cell phones and “repeatedly pushed her onto the bed.”

She said he then “wrapped a black and red scarf around her head” to get her to stop yelling, while keeping her pinned. He finally got off her, she said, when she bit him in the chest and promised not to leave the home.

When she began walking downstairs, she said, Meave grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back upstairs. She told police she tried to call 911 using a voice-activated feature on her iPhone, but it didn’t work. Then Meave climbed back atop her and laughed, she said. “Do you hear a voice?” he asked. “Do you see the devil?”

She finally managed to wrest a phone away and texted a friend. She said Meave warned her he “made a lot of money as a scallop fisherman” and could hire someone to kill her and her family.

But he eventually gave her phone back and allowed her to leave, with her friend picking her up down the street, she said.

Later that day, Newport News police charged Meave with two felonies — strangulation and abduction — and misdemeanor assault and battery. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Ronald E. Bensten denied Meave bond as he awaited his future court dates, with a protective order also issued.

Circuit Court Judge Timothy S. Fisher overruled the bond decision on March 30, granting Meave’s release under a pretrial program.

Granted freedom

But Meave wasn’t immediately freed.

On April 2, the Newport News City Jail transferred him to federal custody. The U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had determined that the Mexican national was in the U.S. illegally, and put a “detainer” on him at the City Jail.

For a few weeks, Meave was held in a detention center in Farmville, west of Richmond. But despite the pending felony charges, an immigration judge granted him bond during an April 25 hearing in Arlington. He was released two days later.

ICE said in a statement that the judge made the decision “despite ICE’s objections.”

[Man charged in fishing trip slaying was accused of domestic abuse, immigration violation, by Peter Dujardin, Daily Press, October 21, 2018]

Then authorities in Boston released him on bond after the murder attempt despite a detainer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Bonus fact: Vazquez received permission to stay in the country under Barack Hussein Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals scam, but eventually lost it [Source: Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Boat Crew Mate Is a DACA Recipient, by Katherine Rodriguez, Breitbart, September 26, 2018].

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