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Immigrants still displacing American Workers [Edwin S. Rubenstein] - 01/07/05

Recently, VDARE.COM unveiled the VDARE.COM American Worker Displacement Index [VDAWDI], a measure of the displacement of American workers by immigrants.

Since the start of the Bush administration in January 2001, Hispanic employment—a good proxy for immigrant employment—has risen by 2.14 million, or 13.3 percent, while non-Hispanic employment is up by a mere 246,000, or 0.2 percent. The ratio of the two growth rates—VDAWDI—is 13.5/0.2 = an incredible 66.5.

This is far worse displacement than we last reported, reflecting historical revisions made to the household survey data. For details, see the Bureau Of Labor Statistics table here.

December's numbers were also announced this morning. Employment rose by 157,000 in December according to the Labor Department's Survey of Employers. This was far below Wall Street's expectations, and far less than the job growth needed to reduce the unemployment rate or increase average real incomes. December's Household Survey was even worse. (Click here for my explanation of how the difference between the two surveys reflects illegal immigration).

But the Hispanic unemployment rate declined to 6.6 percent in December from 6.7 percent the prior month. Unemployment rates for Whites, Blacks, and Asians were unchanged.

Sowell In WSJ [Steve Sailer] - 01/07/05

A WSJ OpinionJournal op-ed comes says we must "take control of our borders" and actually means it!

"The area in which many Americans feel most betrayed by both political parties has been in those parties' refusal to take control of our borders. Fear of the Hispanic vote is no doubt one factor and fear of media demonization is another. But the guys on Mount Rushmore didn't get there by ducking tough fights.

"When you consider what a private citizen like Ron Unz has done to get rid of so-called bilingual education in California, for example, it must be clear that you can talk sense to both the general public and the Hispanic population as well, if you make the effort and do not let the political and media chorus intimidate you.

"Not all Hispanics are thrilled at open borders, any more than they all were dedicated to bilingual education." [Think Rushmore]

In case you were wondering: the author of this piece is somebody too senior and too honest to be intimidated by the WSJ—Thomas Sowell.

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