VDARE Book Club: Catching Up—Calhoun And A Gentle Introduction To Unqualified Reservations
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It's been a busy few months at VDARE.com with the summer conference (you can see my comments here) and some travel I've been doing (you can see what I had to say here). But there's some catching up to do with the VDARE.com Book Club. 

The selection for May was Calhoun: A Statesman For The 21st Century by Clyde Wilson and June was A Gentle Introduction To Unqualified Reservations by Mencius Moldburg, aka Curtis Yarvin. Expect all outstanding discussion questions to be sent to you early next week. 

We've got a big announcement coming for July and a major author interview with one of the legends of the American Right. 

As always, you can contact me personally at VDAREBookClub@protonamail.me

I look forward to hearing from each of you as we make this Club more systematic and roll out more features. 

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