Trump In Phoenix: "Washington Democrats Put The Needs Of Illegal Immigrants Before The Well-Being Of American Citizens"
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Here are two things President Trump said about legal immigration in Phoenix, an area that has been Ground Zero for both legal and illegal immigration:

  • Under my administration, we are finally taking care of our own citizens, including millions and millions of legal immigrants who follow our laws, pay their taxes and are entitled to a government that protects their families and their communities. Every day, Democrats' open-borders policies are harming and killing innocent lives.
  • Together, we will elect a Republican Congress to create a fair, safe, sane and lawful system of immigration. We will continue to enact trade deals that result in more products proudly stamped with those beautiful, beautiful words and phrase—I love the phrase—Made in the USA, Made in the USA.

Speech: Donald Trump Holds a Political Rally in Phoenix, Arizona - February 19, 2020

Now, I have to tell you that it worries me when a President elected on a platform of lowering legal as well as illegal immigration talks about "millions and millions of legal immigrants," but it's not a call for an increase in legal immigration.

His point here is that the first victim of a Mexican criminal alien in America is likely to be the Mexican legal immigrant who lives next door to him.

This is the same point Ann Coulter has made repeatedly about black victims of black crime, and Michael Bloomberg used to make about black and Hispanic victims of black and Hispanic crime in New York.

And here's Trump on illegal immigrants:

Before I came into office, the far left's policy of Open Borders allowed deadly drugs to flow freely into our country, poisoning our children, including, as you know very well, right here in Arizona. Washington Democrats put the needs of illegal immigrants before the well-being of American citizens.

The phrase "Washington Democrats" is carefully crafted—it means Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. It doesn't mean anyone in Arizona who used to vote Democrat, but is now on the Trump Train.

In 1999, David Brooks was shocked when he attended a Buchanan rally and saw American working men there. Pat, he said, drew to his rallies:

“…beefy, 300-pound guys with tattoos up their arms and sleeveless T-shirts. He draws the guys with shaggy biker beards, and the Teamsters who park their rigs in the lot and get hoarse chanting, ‘Go, Pat, go!’ It may be hard to classify exactly which political category these people belong to, but they are certainly not Republicans.” [Buchanan Feeds Class War in the Information Age, LA Times, October 31, 1999]

Sam Francis replied in Chronicles, February, 2000:

Actually, it's not so hard to classify which political category such people belong to. They're called 'Democrats,' and the contempt for them that our Mr. Brooks exudes helps explain why they never show up in the crowds around other Republican candidates. [Revolt of the 300-Pound Beefy Guys]

Those guys were "Reagan Democrats" in an era when the actual Democratic Party was suffering a spasm of anti-Americanism actually much milder than the one it's suffering today. Their sons are Trump Democrats, because Hillary thought they were "deplorable." Trump isn't attacking them.

Watch Trump below:

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