The White House Lies On Border Security, As Sinema And Tillis Propose "Bipartisan" Border Bill
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Karine Jean-Pierre has shown that she comes from the Baghdad Bob school of public relations.  Along with fellow graduate Alejandro “The Border Is Secure” Mayorkas, they are showing how easy it is to gaslight the American public. 

In the meantime, former Democratic Senator (now independent) Kristen Sinema has admitted that the border is anything but secure. 

Sinema and Senator Thom Tillis are proposing a border security bill.  

If Sinema wants to know how come the border is not secured, perhaps, she can look at her own voting record, available at NumbersUSA.  They give her a C for this Congress (probably only because of this new bill), but a career of F.  She was given the F score for not supporting border security, not supporting interior enforcement, not reducing amnesty enticements, not reducing refugees & asylees, among other things. 

The Sinema Tillis bill would protect the “Dreamers” and hire more Border Patrol Agents and CBP Officers.  It would allow Title 42 to remain in place for one more year, but, as you can see now, Title 42 is the law of the land currently and it is not stopping the tidal wave as is.  The increase in personnel is also meaningless, as all law enforcement has been reduced down to being greeters and the diaper patrol for illegal aliens.  What good would 100,000 new Agents be if all they are doing is processing and releasing people?

I can only hope that Mayorkas will get impeached and that more illegal aliens find their way to Martha’s Vineyard.  


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