The Triumph of Principle
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iSteve commenter bjdubbs comments on the Ivy League presidents kerfuffle:

Lack moral clarity? The presidents stood up for free speech, which is exactly what they should be doing. [Billionaire Harvard donor Bill] Ackman’s position is a complete mess—he doesn’t want these women running the Ivy league because they are DEI hires and he wants Jews protected as a DEI protected class and he wants free speech protections on campus but not for Palestinians. None of that makes any sense. The only way to explain his position in the most crude but consistent way possible is that as a Jew he wants Jews running the Ivy league for the benefit of Jews, as was the case about two to three years ago. Naturally as a Jew he wants to turn back the clock to the very recent past when people like Amy Gutmann and Larry Bercow were running Penn and Harvard, the sort of people who he understands and can call on the phone. Magill and Gay are not his kind of people and he can’t call them on the phone and he wants them gone. That’s all there is to it.

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