The Great Awokening Is As Just As Feverish In The U.K. As The U.S.
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From Matt Goodwin’s Substack:

The ‘Great Awokening’ of British media
New research throws light on how the media landscape is being transformed

Matt Goodwin
13 hr ago

A few years ago, a new study caught my eye. After crunching data on 27 million articles in 47 media outlets in America, a young academic named David Rozado uncovered some truly astonishing trends. He found the number of words to describe prejudice, discrimination, and social justice or ‘woke’ ideology had exploded. ….

So, I reached out to David and asked if he would be interested in collaborating, in using the same technique —something called ‘computational content analysis’— to analyse how Britain’s media landscape has evolved over the last twenty years.

He said yes.

So, we got to work, crunching data on 16 million articles in a nationally representative sample of the ten most popular media outlets in Britain — including but not limited to The Guardian, the BBC, The Times, Financial Times, and The Daily Mail.

… Over the last twenty years, between 2000 and 2020, the British media has been utterly transformed. Just like America, our media has become utterly consumed by identity politics, discrimination, and is increasingly embracing social justice ideology.

The Great Awokening, in short, is now just as visible, if not more so, here in Britain.

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