That $40 Billion Check For Ukraine Comes With A New Program To Bring In Immigrants
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Here’s something we didn’t learn from the Republicans who backed $40 billion in aid to Ukraine instead of $40 billion for a border wall: the Biden Regime tried to slip three Great Replacement provisions into the appropriation. Only the one to import Ukrainians survived.

Writing for the Center for Immigration Studies, Robert Law reported that Afghans and Russians were to receive green cards, the two measures that failed. But Ukrainians will indeed benefit from an “unlawful” program to smuggle them into the country via “family reunification” [Green Card Provisions Dropped from Ukraine Bill, May 14, 2022].

The Afghan green-card giveaway was, in a word, insane.

Despite serious problems with vetting the 70,000 Afghans whom Brandon imported after surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban, he was ready to make the problem worse, Law wrote:

Team Biden wanted to give green cards (and path to U.S. citizenship)” to … any Afghan parolee allowed into the country between July 31, 2021 and September 30, 2022 (not a typo) provided he or she has maintained parole status for at least one year. The language waives three grounds of inadmissibility: public charge (INA 212(a)(4)); the alien will not negatively impact American workers (INA 212(a)(5)); and the visa requirement (INA 212(a)(7)(A)).

But that’s not all. Any “spouse or child” of the principal alien would also have been able to get a green card at any time in the future if they can physically get into the United States. This was literally an invitation for marriage fraud. 

That measure failed, thankfully enough.

Brandon also tried to give green cards to Russians involved in the STEM fields:

What is the justification for this provision, beyond increasing immigration? According to the White House, “This authority would help the United States attract and retain Russian STEM talent and undercut Russia’s innovative potential, benefitting U.S. national security.” The president’s request fails to explain how doling out green cards to Russians “undercuts Russia’s innovative potential” nor how it benefits U.S. national security.

That nutty idea failed, too.

Uniting for Ukraine” didn’t. American taxpayers will blow $900 million to import Ukrainians who can stay put in Europe, Law wrote:

“Uniting for Ukraine” is not humanitarian relief but, instead, is a family reunification program that allows Ukrainians to come to the U.S. who otherwise do not qualify for a visa. The beneficiaries of this program are safely resettled in Europe (where they already have a temporary immigration status, work permit, and free healthcare), and will be allowed into the country if they have a U.S. sponsor. Most sponsors will likely be family members, but the program allows nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to assist the sponsors.

Just what we need. Thousands more immigrants who will carry their ethnic grievances with them and expect American lawmakers to act on those grievances vis-à-vis U.S. foreign and military policy. 

Meanwhile, the invasion at our southwest border continues. Remember, the same people who would send $40 billion to Ukraine told us a border wall was too expensive.

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