Tale Of Two Inaugurations: D.C. Judges Rescued Anti-Trump Inauguration Day Rioters In 2017 But Go Berserk On Jan 6 Protesters
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The Stalinesque Show Trials of the Jan 6 demonstrators reached a new nadir today with the ludicrously savage sentencing of several Proud Boys.

(Ann Coulter in Thank God For The Proud Boys thanked these gentlemen for protecting her from AntiFa attack in Berkeley in 2021.)

I have decided the best way to follow these Court atrocities is by following the @Xs/Tweets of the redoubtable Julie Kelly. Yesterday she posted

So this is why the “conservative” media space is so useless. I was the only reporter in the courtroom today as DOJ and a federal judge created more “domestic terror” laws. The courtroom was empty.

(The Judges have been applying “Terror enhancements” to increase penalties.)

Today among other valuable reports Kelly said

Obviously I’ll have a lot to report on what just happened I’m Proud Boys sentencing but I’m still in shock after hearing an assistant US Attorney straining to compare shaking part of a metal fence to a mass [casualty] event to justify terrorism enhancement.


My favorite part of covering sentencings for J6ers is hearing judges, prosecutors, and reporters insist Trump supporters were convicted by a “jury of their peers” in Washington DC

(DC of course voted 92.15% for Biden in 2020 and is 45% Black.)

This is a good day to consider the outrageous contrast with the way the D.C. Courts treated rioters in the far more violent and destructive events on Trump’s Inauguration Day. Peter Brimelow, who was there, wrote It Will Come To Blood”—Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum. 

Nicholas Stix reported on the first judicial rescue: Scandalous J20 Verdict: Sabotage by Judge Lynn Leibovitz Upholds Left’s Right To Riot=Another Step On Road To Civil War. This featured arbitrary rulings and the muzzling of the Prosecution and the witnesses.

Seven months later, Stix had to report Evil Triumphs in D.C. As Prosecutors Drop Remaining Charges Against Trump Inauguration Rioters

Although some 235 suspects were charged with felony riot, and myriad other felonies and misdemeanors, none was held without bail (unlike the Charlottesville Unite the Right demonstrators)

He noted

The prosecution’s star witness was an undercover investigator who had infiltrated planning sessions of the conspirators. In a revolutionary ruling, the new jurist, Chief Judge Robert E. Morin decreed that the undercover investigator would have to testify using her own name, in open court. That would have ended her career, and put her life in danger…

Whatever it took to subvert justice, Judges Leibovitz and Morin did it.

Stix is his first essay above said

If one cannot reform the judiciary, or any other institution, through peaceful means, including lawful elections and referenda, then the alternative becomes surrender—or civil war.

No doubt for posting that I will be getting an FBI visit this weekend.

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