Sweden Democrats Flag EU’s Plan To Obliterate Europe
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Above: “Refugees“ from Syria arrive at Stockholm Central Station by train through Denmark and Malmo in September 2015.

At first glance, the Remix story Sweden Democrats threaten to collapse government if Sweden approves EU migration pact [by John Cody, April 25, 2023] is a pleasant case of politicians doing what they were elected to do:

The Sweden Democrats are now threatening to withdraw their support from the conservative coalition government if Sweden votes for the migration pact. Although the Sweden Democrats are not officially a part of the coalition, the government relies on their votes to pass legislation.

As discussed for us by Harri Honkanen in Revolution In Sweden: Immigrant Patriot Sweden—Democrats Effectively In Power [October 18, 2022], after years of steadily increasing support the party came in 2nd in the 2022 election. The other centrist and mildly conservative parties were too wimpish to have the SDs in office with them but promised to heed their views. This promise is now being tested.

Of course, the Sweden Democrats‘ rise was fueled by the catastrophic deterioration in the social order driven by a huge influx of Muslim and African “refugees.“ Steve Sailer gave us a recent description of this on September 11, 2022: NEW YORK TIMES: “Gun Violence Epidemic Looms Large Over a Swedish Election.“

Unfortunately what the Sweden Democrats are objecting to is the EU’s Pact on Migration and Asylum. This bears a suspicious resemblance to the policy of the Biden Administration: Open Borders, and no meaningful repatriation measures. But there is an important addition. At present, the EU does not have the power to actually force immigration into individual states. Denmark, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have utilized this. They are about to lose this right.

Sadly, Remix reports

The EU’s Migration Pact passed with a clear majority in the European Parliament last week with 420 votes to 130.

The majority was made up of anti-white leftists and a large number of Cheap Labor/RINO types from purported Conservative parties. Amongst these, the Toilet Paper fallacy is of course an article of faith.

Remix sees

…the European Council as the best hope… to stop the pact from becoming law. In the council, it will take a qualified majority of member states to pass. In the past, it was enough for just one member state to veto, such as Hungary or Poland, but that veto will no longer be enough.

and says

French National Rally parliamentary leader Marine Le Pen has called the EU’s Pact on Migration and Asylum the “suicide of Europe,” and warned already in 2020 that it would mean 75 million more migrants for Europe. 

 (The link is to ‘The suicide of Europe’Marine Le Pen launches campaign against EU’s new Migration Pact, which is an excellent discussion.)

In the current state of the world, adopting a migration policy with no limits on influx is a formula for obliteration. Even allowing for stupidity, why are Europe’s leaders doing this?

In 2015, contemplating Angela Merkel’s unilateral wrecking of EU refugee policy, I asked Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter.

I am still wondering.

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