Superannuated Charlottesville Kritarch OKs Robert E. Lee Statue For Cannibalization By Black Museum
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There has not been much reporting on A Judge Green-lit a Virginia Museum’s Plans to Melt Down a Confederate Monument, Dismissing a Lawsuit Attempting to Save It,, July 20, 2023.

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In essence, the great equestrian statue of Robert E Lee, which had stood in Charlottesville since completion in 1924, was removed by the City Council in 2021.

A 2019 injunction forbidding this was overridden by the Virginia Supreme Court.

The City Council ignored many other offers and resolved to give it to the  Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, which promised to cook Lee and eat him.

(Technically, they said they would melt down the statue and cast the metal into something else. What’s the difference?)

All white Americans should note that celebrating African American Heritage seemingly involves destroying other heritages.

For what it is worth, the statue was the work of two quite famous sculptors, Henry Shrady and Leo Lantelli (neither Southerners). This is the destruction of a work of art.

So who is Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Paul M. Peatross Jr., who consistently ran defense for the vandals, ultimately causing the last plaintiff, the Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation, to apparently run out of money?

Sadly, he seems to be a homegrown Virginia Scalawag, born in 1945, whose 2007 retirement was greeted by remarkably cool comments.

It would be nice to think that younger judges dodged the case because they fear the current craziness will eventually bring retribution.

Otherwise, we are looking at a classic case of the Great Replacement.

(As Lydia Brimelow said in her address to the 2023 Conference, one of her ambitions is to rescue these monuments for a Heritage Walk on the Berkeley Springs Castle’s 55 acres of West Virginia mountain. Can’t happen too soon!)

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