South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Bad On Refugees, Too
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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has famously cucked on transgenders in women's sports, what Steve Sailer calls [Transgender UFC fighter, women's division] "Fallon Fox’s right to slug women in the face for cash." editor Peter Brimelow emailed Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch to say "Ann, am i right that you think Noem is no good on refugees either?"

That is right.

Trump made an attempt to give governors and county governments a say in whether their state would accept refugees.

It wasn't the greatest plan, but it did do one thing and that was it smoked out Republican governors.  Only one governor vocally backed the President and that was Abbott of Texas.  Almost all Rs including Noem said, no thanks, the feds could still pick the resettlement sites [Noem decides to let refugees into South Dakota next year; Here’s what that will look like, by Michael Geheren,, December 20, 2019].

For the record Kemp and Desantis remained silent as the deadline had not been reached.  They lucked-out because the contractors killed the whole plan in the courts before they were forced on the record.

Here is one recent Refugee Resettlement Watch post about it: Trump Initiative to Give State and Local Government a Say in Refugee Resettlement was DEAD Before Biden EO, February 7, 2021.

China owns Smithfield Foods plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota....refugee laborers needed in abundance there.

And, in 2016, when I traveled around the country I met people in South Dakota angry over Somali labor for meatpacking plants (LOL! Obviously Somalis were not in pork plants! but beef and poultry).  The South Dakotans I met with thought Noem, a then Congresswoman, a light weight.

Previously from on on GOP Governors, including Noem, who insist on importing "refugees," like for example, Boulder Muslim gunman  Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa. 

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