School Principal: Race Traitors Needed to Dismantle Institutions
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Apropos recent remarks about how conservative whites will increasingly come to wield civil rights legislation as an aegis against systematic oppression against them, consider two current events germane to the subject. The first has garnered a lot of attention—gone “viral” as they say:

But, but, it’s whiteness, not white people per se! POCs can fall into these white categories, too. You know, just like white people commonly adopt colored identities. It’s totally normal, not the least bit controversial.

Or maybe white identities are like white countries. They are open to everyone. POC identities, in contrast, are exclusively for POCs—African countries are for Africans, Asian countries are for Asians. To suggest otherwise is to advocate for cultural erasure.

The Great Replacement theory is either an unhinged conspiracy or something to be celebrated, depending on who is discussing it. Likewise, focusing on white identity is either the greatest evil on the planet or the necessary work we all must do to improve ourselves and our society.

When a white nationalist talks about race traitors, it’s hate speech. When an anti-white academic talks about race traitors, it’s an exercise in intellectual edification and moral uplift.

And in case you were unsure whether or not Wokeness is a religion, there it is at #5 to settle it for you.

The second current event would’ve gone unnoticed by your humble correspondent had it not been mentioned recently by the Derb on his podcast. In Oklahoma, a state representative has introduced legislation that will forbid the state’s public schools from teaching anything “that promotes or degrades any race, gender or sexual orientation”. Good luck getting “The 8 White Identities” past that.

Action like this, at the state and local levels, is where the opportunity to effectively strike back against the regime’s cultural imperialism is. Marching on the Imperial Capital is not.

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