San Francisco 911 No Longer Takes On Car Break-Ins
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In his amusing post about what happened when San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors booted a black woman from the interim mayor’s chair, replacing her with a white man, Powerline divulged this interesting fact:
It isn’t about what to do with car break-ins, which have spiked to fever proportions and are growing at 26% annually. (A friend whose car was broken into in San Francisco told me that the police dispatcher no longer takes calls for this crime; victims are redirected to 311, the city’s cheery information line, for directions on how to fill out a web form to report the incident. One was left with the impression that the form is not so much for the detection and solving crime, but for a census — like survey of where the city’s underprivileged possessed the greatest need.)
Let’s take a leap and assume that the city’s white homosexuals aren’t to blame for most of these.

Getting back to what happened at the meeting, well, the new mayor found out what we he was up against in the city of tolerance: “This is war!”


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