Sailer in Taki's: Reality Check
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Reality Check
Steve Sailer

May 05, 2021

… What can be done instead?

First, we must recognize that blacks have a very good deal in America even if they aren’t as rich as everybody else. While African-Americans are the poorest Americans, they should feel grateful that they are the richest Africans in the world.

Second, whites need to drop their unspoken but debilitating concern over black fragility. Millions of whites assume that if blacks ever heard the truth—Due to reasons of nature and nurture, your race is on average better at sports and music than at coding and physics; and you need to work more on not shooting each other so goddamn much—black self-esteem will vanish and they will just die of embarrassment.

Nah, blacks have plenty of self-esteem. What they could benefit from more of is criticism. Blacks need to be treated as if they were human beings rather than sacred cows.

Third, important news that almost nobody has noticed is that, after black fertility soared during the early crack years, it has fallen below replacement level. Unless America botches up its policy on immigration from Africa, we won’t again face the rapidly growing black population that so stressed our cities in the decades after World War II.

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