Rest In Peace, Abe Shinzō, Long Live The Abe Shogunate
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Abe Shinzō, the former Prime Minister of the Empire of Japan, was assassinated by a crazed gunman. It is unlikely that there is any political motivation; the assassin appears to be insane, with some crazed grudge against some organization associated with Abe.

It is unlike the 1960 assassination of Inejiro Asanuma, leader of the Japan Socialist Party, who was likely a Soviet or Chinese agent, which had profound political implications and forestalled a possible Soviet or Chinese victory in the Pacific during the Cold War.

Abe Shogun Expels The Barbarian

Abe was the target of many in the West for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Abe was an opponent of the MacArthur Constitution and was a committed Japanese nationalist. Whether it was Abenomics, a continuation of Japan’s export economy coupled with a program for prosperity for all classes in Japan, or the goal of a strong and independent Japan acting as a normal power in the world, the globalist Left, Conservatism Inc., and even the Alt-Right, hated Abe.

First, and foremost, Globohomo hated Abe, who restricted immigration, supported the ideal of the Japanese nation and people in an explicitly racial manner, and planned a remilitarized and nuclear-armed Japan. Immigration is the core issue. Globohomo wanted Japan opened to mass immigration, but Abe wanted Japan to remain Japanese, not just linguistically and culturally, but racially.

It was not just Globohomo that hated Abe. Conservatism Inc., led by Rich Lowry, hated Abe, not just because Abe supported mercantilist trade policies that were in Japan’s interest, but also because Abe was a Japanese nationalist, and, well, Japanese. Abe did not hold with the niceties of NRO’s failed opposition to the radical Left and embarrassed Con Inc. by his success in opposition to their long record of failure and David Frenchian accommodation with Globohomo. The girly men at NRO even published an article claiming that Abe was a not-so-secret fascist, a sad imitation of the accusations of patriarchy, racism, and fascism from the Communists. But now, the girly men are all sweetness and light regarding Abe. Always depend on the girly men to backstab, then pander.

The reality is that Japan is in many ways becoming more Japanese and returning to its pre-war self-identity as an equal to the other world powers; that is the legacy of the Abe Shogunate, a renewed and confident Japan, throwing off the dishonor of defeat, the shame of which the Japanese bore for years without complaint, and worked long and hard to cleanse themselves of such shame.

The Occupation was a reality, and change happened, but the Japanese eventually won the occupation, especially after the Korean War started and Japan became a necessary ally in the Cold War. The Japanese dealt with the reality of the American presence with fortitude and a plan for the future: an export economy, prosperity under the American nuclear umbrella and free protection from predatory Communist China and the Soviet Union. A pretty good deal.

It is only now that Japan is increasing its defense spending from a maximum during the Cold War of 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Remember, they Japanese were instructed by their Emperor to bear the unbearable, to endure the unendurable, and the Japanese did, outlasting and succeeding. It is the willow that bends during the storm, but does not break, a neo-Confucian lesson. Or a more strictly Japanese lesson, the nail that stands up gets hammered in. That is Japan during the Occupation, not some Jewish successful terror. The Abe Shogunate is just the start of a renewed powerful and independent Japan.

The Alt-Right likes to claim that Japan is just an occupied nation, with long academic criticisms of the MacArthur Constitution, especially their little obsession with the ban on arranged marriages. Well, that provision was ignored by the Japanese and many marriages are still arranged, though less formally than in the old days. Now family members, employers, and friends work to help their fellow citizens get married. Japanese employers subsidize marriage ceremonies, award bonuses to the newly married, and help employees with bonuses designed to aid in the purchase of a house. Japan is still very much traditional and Japanese.

Under the Abe Shogunate, the Japanese are being more and more Japanese, with open criticisms of annoying gaijin more common and accepted by the people and politicians. No one in Japan believes that Naomi Osaka is Japanese, and the Japanese see her as being more openly black than Japanese every day.

One can say that Abe Shinzō is the great liberator of Japan. He laid the foundation of a New Japan, liberated from the embrace of the Gay American Empire and forging a new path, as a swordsmith forges a new katana from the melted blade of an old sword. A New Japan, a new era, Reiwa, a New Beautiful Order. One only hopes that his successors will measure up.

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