Raid Cheap Labor/Immigrant Enthusiast Jose Andres’ Restaurant Empire
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The Slave Power, corporations whose business model is based on illegal aliens, is again sounding the cry that crops are rotting in the field, as well as a new angle: Restaurant food is being left uncooked and unserved. 

It is a crisis again, one that is repeated ad infinitum throughout the year, generally though around harvest time.  The new angle is that  if we enforce immigration laws, there will be no cooks, servers, or dish washers in America.  The real message being that  the restaurant business in America has a business model based on a cheap and exploited illegal alien workforce, whether it be Chuy’s, Chipotle, or Jose Andres’ Michelin starred restaurants.  [Sanctuary Businesses Throw Down The Gauntlet On May Day, April 30, 2017]

Chefs José Andrés and Andrew Zimmern criticize President Donald Trump’s immigration policies on the premiere of “What’s Eating America,” a new documentary series exploring the intersection of food and politics.

“Right now the political discourse is making us take sides, but trying to find answers gives me a sense of understanding of where are we going and what do we have to do to change everything that’s happening,” said Andrés about the current immigration system. “Because let me tell you, what’s happening right now it doesn’t work.”

The show’s first episode, which airs on MSNBC Sunday night, kicks off showing how rollbacks on certain legal immigration programs such as H2-B and H2-A guest worker visas, among others, have impacted the lives of immigrant and migrant farmworkers, and, by extension, parts of the nation’s food system.

[Chefs José Andrés, Andrew Zimmern On Immigration And Food In ‘What’s Eating America,’ by Nicole Acevedo, NBC, February 15, 2020]

This is a strange tack for Zimmern, known for his Mid-West niceness and exotic foods overseas, becoming so political. 

But the worst part is the flagrant lie that H-2B and H-2A Non-Immigrant Visas NIV) numbers are declining.  In fact, those NIVs are increasing.  Zimmerman starting out with such a lie is strange.  But the real intent of the programming on MSNBC is to support illegal immigration and an amnesty.

“Immigrants, migrants, documented and undocumented people touch every plate of food,” said Zimmern, host of the new show…

“If you take those workers out of our food system, it literally stops. Immigrants, migrants, documented and undocumented people touch every plate of food in America, at every single stage,” Zimmern, the new show’s host, told NBC News. “We don’t have a system that can support feeding this country without those workers.”

And this is all about subsidizing millionaires like Andres; cheap labor makes for big profits in the restaurant industry.

Zimmern also invited Andrés to be a guest on the show’s first episode, which features an on-camera interview with Jesús Lira, the Mexican banquet chef who first told The Washington Post that the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York, hired him knowing he was undocumented.

Lira, who worked at the club for a decade, told Andrés that at least one of Trump’s accountants facilitated the process of hiring people like him with forged documents.

“It’s about time we pass immigration reform. It’s about time we tell these stories and that’s why it’s so important that every American, putting aside political parties, do justice,” Andrés told NBC News. “We have 11 million undocumented people. It’s about time that them, plus the ‘Dreamers,’ become part of the ‘American Dream.'”

There would be no reason to hire illegal aliens, either in the fields or in the kitchens, if living wages were paid to restaurant workers, but the Chipotle business model is the standard in the restaurant industry.  And that is why investigations and arrests need to be happening.

Which leads us to what Ken The Knife should be doing.  Andres has a large number of restaurants in the United States, and the world.  He became a millionaire on the backs of illegal aliens.  It is time for ICE SVU to target Andres’ business model with some work-site enforcement

Every Jose Andres restaurant should get an I-9 audit, and then be raided if illegals are shown to be there, which is almost guaranteed to be true, or else Andres would not be so concerned about amnestying 22 million illegal aliens.  Given the number of his restaurants, quite a few of that 22 million will be working at his restaurants.

As an aside, Andres came to the United States in 1990 after he was fired from a restaurant in Spain.  His Wiki says he came to New York City with only $50.00 and immediately was hired as a cook at Eldorado Petit, a Spanish restaurant.  Well, that sounds suspicious.  Only recently was the H-1B NIV opened to cooks and chefs

It was not even created until 1990, though the H-1 and H-2 were available at the time, but it's unlikely that a cook or chef would qualify then.  So, is Andres so concerned about illegal aliens because he was one himself at one time?  If he came here on a tourist visa in 1990 and worked, then he was.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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