Radio Derb Transcript Up For January 14: Triple Lynching In Jim Snow Georgia, Supremely Dumb, The Wisdom Of The Talk, And Remembering Colin Flaherty, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for January 14, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

01m49s  Triple lynching in Jim Snow Georgia.  (My savage indignation.)

11m01s  The case for complacent seat-warmers.  (Biden makes McConnell look good!)

16m01s  Supremely dumb.  (Sotomayorian metaphysics.)

25m18s  New York's mayoralty.  (A corrupt-a-palooza in the making.)

30m03s  The wisdom of The Talk.  (A warning for Good Samaritans.)

35m46s  Our gerontocracy.  (Don't vote for geezers!)

37m33s  Imaginary feats.  (Joe Biden and George IV.)

40m22s  Population clock mysteries.  (A third of a billion…when?)

43m00s Remembering Colin Flaherty.  (I could spell his name.)

43m50s  James Webb Space Telescope news.  (All good so far.)

44m57s  Signoff.  (Wokery at the Beeb.)

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