Radio Derb Transcript For April 1st Is Up: CultMarx Never Forgets, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for April 1st is up—go here to read or listen.


01m25s — Brexit:  the end of the beginning. (It took nine months to write a letter.)

08m14s — Two cheers for globalism. (Finding the middle way.)

12m50s — We didn’t vote for lame. (Let’s see some fight.)

19m59s — Sessions speaks, scofflaws shriek. (That’s more like it!)

26m43s — CultMarx never forgets. (Until you go full cuck.)

36m44s — Art insults a holy martyr. (Cultural appropriation, or blasphemy?)

44m36s — The black gay Santa. (A spoof?  Nowadays, how can you tell?)

45m59s — Speechless on Putingate. (But Goad says it all.)

47m16s — Another Samaritan story. (Gotta write a book.)

48m42s — Nukes: a listener grumbles. (How I came to stop worrying and love the bomb.)

50m33s — Impersonating Einstein. (It’s relatively easy.)

52m22s — Signoff. (And a benediction.)

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