Our Present Struggle Will Decide What Our People's Future Will Be. Please Donate Today
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VDARE.com is a non-profit. We publish information to educate the public on the negative effects of mass immigration, and serve as the voice of the Historic American Nation. This work is not easy and it is not cheap.

We are at a critical time for our country and our work.

Please consider donating today.

Here is a note from one of our supporters: 

Dear VDARE Reader,

I’m Beau Albrecht, a member of the VDARE Foundation’s 1620 Society, a frequent writer at the websites Counter-Currents, formerly at Return of Kings.  For years I’ve been donating regularly to VDARE.com. I’ve been to the Berkeley Springs Castle and will return again very shortly. I’m hardly rich, though. Like much of the country, I’ve been struggling because of the mismanagement of the economy by Resident Bidet—or more accurately, by the senile figurehead’s handlers. This isn’t to boast about making a tremendous sacrifice; really, that much is the least I can do.

The present struggle we’re engaged in, which will decide the fate of Western civilization, is a battle of ideas. The quality of these ideas—in particular, how well they match reality—is obviously important. However, the truthfulness of an idea is not the only factor that decides the outcome on public opinion. At present, unfortunately, there is no free marketplace of ideas. There are powerful forces that will do anything they can—including censorship, smearing, and other dirty tricks—to prevent fair and open debate. And then there’s distribution. Even the very best ideas will have little impact if few are hearing them.

That brings us to the condition of America’s Corporate Media.

In brief, as I put it in Deplorable Diatribes, "The media today is a baloney factory that serves as an Orwellian Ministry of Truth."  In 1983, there were fifty corporations that controlled a majority of America’s media outlets. Because antitrust enforcement was relaxed—thanks, Congress!—a series of mergers and consolidations created monopoly conditions. Now, only six gigantic conglomerates control 90% of the media outlets—TV networks, newspapers, movie production, magazines, radio stations, and even comic books. Lately, now that they’re running out of competitors to gobble up, some of them have been making inroads into Internet service providers.

Five of these multibillion-dollar conglomerates are toxically Leftist from top to bottom, scarcely holding back their contempt for America’s founding population. This Corporate Media delivers full-spectrum indoctrination to poison the minds of the public. They’re the ones who tell you that diversity is our greatest strength, but the races are identical, but whites are uniquely evil, but evil deeds done by other races are really our fault, but race doesn’t exist, etc. (Don’t even get me started on radical gender theory!) 

The other conglomerate has a neoconservative alignment, considering itself an alternative to the MSM, yet it’s essentially a controlled opposition. Any of its figures straying too close to the right edge of the Overton Window will be cast aside, witness Tucker Carlson.

Who speaks for real Americans then? The task falls on a small number of organizations and websites. VDARE.com, of course, is one of them. (Its founder, Peter Brimelow, made quite a splash on the scene with his 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, and has been doing commendable work all throughout.) Although VDARE.com and like-minded websites have the truth on our side, what we don’t have is the lavish funding that the Corporate Media receives from its advertisers.

But they’re burdened with the massive effort it takes to make lies believable. Since our job is to counter that with the truth, we can make resources go a long way. This is where you can help. Other problems we encounter are censorship and lawfare, conducted by those who believe that we shouldn’t have a voice. This can be overcome, though that requires more effort and resources.

Again, our present struggle will decide what our people’s future will be—or if we will even have one. Whatever our personal circumstances may be as individuals, we need all hands on deck.

Ideally, we would all be activists struggling with the same tenacity that Leftists show for their causes. Not everyone can make that kind of commitment, but we should do whatever we can do personally maybe writing, making videos, posting signs, personal outreach, etc.

Donating to an organization dedicated to preserving your people’s future will make a difference.

Difficult to commit for budgetary reasons? There’s an easy fix. Most likely you have cable TV, subscribe to a paid streaming video service, or at least buy tickets to Hollyweird movies. Much of that is demoralization propaganda and fake news. Trust me—it won’t kill you to kick the Corporate Media habit! In exchange for the "entertainment," regularly your money goes to media executives who despise you and to vapid celebrities with massive egos.

It’s time to stop feeding their luxuriant lifestyles and drug habits. Instead of throwing away your hard-earned money on the Corporate Media, isn’t it time to put it to a better use?

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