"Our Democracy": New British Prime Minister Preparing Immigration Betrayal
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The underlying issue behind Brexit was immigration. The underlying issue in the most recent general election was immigration. The underlying issue in the most recent battle for leadership of the Conservative Party was immigration. Liz Truss won that battle by running to the right on immigration. 

Now that she’s in office, she has her first priority. Increase immigration. 

Liz Truss is expected to loosen immigration rules in an attempt to stimulate economic growth amid warnings of a recession.

The prime minister is set to expand the government’s shortage occupation list in order to help businesses fill vacancies by recruiting overseas workers with less bureaucracy.

Truss has faced industry demands for more migrant workers to be given visas to come to the UK with labour shortages one of the main concerns voiced by employers across a range of sectors.

Businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, have been frustrated that the visa system for skilled work has not been responsive enough to alleviate the shortages they have experienced.

[Liz Truss ’plans to loosen immigration rules to boost UK economy,’ by Nadeem Badshah, The Guardian, September 24, 2022]

We hear an awful lot these days about democracy and the supposed need to defend it. What exactly does democracy mean when a party and a candidate are put into power because they promise to do something, and then not only fail to do it but do the complete opposite? In what sense can we say that the British people have any influence over their government?

Let Charles III rule directly. At least if he screws up, people know who to blame. No matter how many times the British people vote to stop immigration, their supposed leaders, including the supposed Conservative Party, are determined not to listen. A literal occupation by a hostile foreign government would be less malicious.

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