Of California's 513 Incremental Murder Victims In 2020, 485 Were Nonwhite
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Earlier: Homicides Up 31% In California In 2020

Returning to the newly released official California homicide victim statistics:

In California, BLM’s Racial Reckoning took a far smaller toll in blood on whites than nonwhites.

From 2019 to 2020, white murder victims increased by 28 from 331 to 359. In contrast, the number of nonwhite murder victims was up by 485 from 1342 to 1827.

It was striking that Hispanics (+33.9% more murder victims) and Others (i.e., mostly Asians, +33.3%) were up nearly as much as blacks (+40.3%), all compared to whites (+8.5%).

California did not release any specific stats on who was victimizing people of different races, so it’s hard to evaluate between two slightly different subtheories of the Racial Reckoning’s murder surge: telling blacks and other nonwhites that they were oppressed and morally better than the police elicited exuberance vs. with the cops retreating to the donut shop, criminals got away with more criminality.

For example, was there really an explosion in Asians shooting Asians in 2020?

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