Not Getting Our Emails?
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Due to repeated deplatforming by e.g. Constant Contact, Mailchimp, we've had to get creative with our email bulletins. 

The good: We can still send you emails!

The bad: If you find that our emails have stopped coming (you can check for the latest bulletin here!), but our system tells you you've already subscribed, this may be because of a technical glitch.

The solution: Email to be re-added to our list!

We're sorry about this. As much as we love hearing from you, emailing to resubscribe clearly isn’t ideal. But until we find an email service committed to free speech, this is what we must face. And we are more agile and determined because of it!

Who knows, if we can raise the resources (please donate to our year-end goal!), maybe we'll build our own! We started with a castle...

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