Nextdoor App To Warn You To Never Post "All Lives Matter"
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Nextdoor is a smartphone app in which neighbors can exchange hyper-localized messages such as: “My gray cat is missing,” “There’s a 6′ 2″ 30-ish black man in a red hoodie prowling down Elm Street, checking parked cars to see if they are unlocked,” and, of course, “You are a racist if you don’t have Black Lives Matter sign on your lawn.”

A press release from the Nextdoor company announces that the app will now advise you to censor your politically incorrect text strings before you post them:

Nextdoor launches anti-racism notification to prevent discriminatory language
April 19, 2021

Written by Team Nextdoor

The notification detects potentially racist content and prompts neighbors to reconsider and edit before posting.

… today we are rolling out the anti-racism notification to prevent language that could be offensive or hurtful to people of all backgrounds. Healthy and productive conversations are key to helping neighbors create stronger, kinder neighborhoods.

The new anti-racism notification detects certain phrases such as “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter,” and prompts the author to consider editing their post or comment before it goes live. The anti-racism notification does not prevent a neighbor from publishing, but aims to make people aware of language that may violate our policy against discrimination and the harm that can be caused by the use of these phrases. As a reminder, All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter content is explicitly prohibited on Nextdoor when used to undermine racial equality or the Black Lives Matter movement. Support for White Lives Matter is prohibited on Nextdoor, as it is most commonly associated with white supremacist groups.

What about Neighborhood Lives Matter? Can we have a ruling on It’s Okay To Be White?

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