New Bodycam Video Of Haitian Immigrant Hospital Rapist’s Comatose Victim Giving Birth
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Earlier: The Fulford File: In KILL BILL, White Rednecks Raped A Comatose Woman. In Real Life, All Known Offenders Against Comatose Women Are Black and The Fulford File: Why Immigrant Caregivers Are Not The Answer To Coronavirus Crisis—15 Minority Hospital Rapists In 5 Years

In 2019, licensed practical nurse Nathan Sutherland (right) was arrested for raping and impregnating a comatose patient at Hacienda HealthCare in Arizona, who was only revealed to be pregnant when she gave birth nine months after he raped her. (LPN is an occupational classification that requires about 10 less IQ points than Registered Nurse.)

I reported it at the time in Black Male Nurse Charged With Impregnating Incapacitated Woman; Instead Of ”Man Arrested,” It’s ”Nurse Arrested.”

Sutherland, arrested in 2019, was sentenced to ten years in jail for this in 2021. He’s projected to be released in January 2029.

The NY Post had a story yesterday titled New bodycam video shows moment shocked staffers saw comatose patient giving birth, by Dana Kennedy, NY Post, September 9, 2023.

The shocking moment a woman in a long-term coma gave birth in an Arizona nursing home was caught on video.

Stunned staffers at Hacienda HealthCare can be seen in the footage, looking traumatized as they checked the woman’s diaper—and saw a baby’s head sticking out.

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse before the December 2018 surprise birth.

Nathan Sutherland, 37, was arrested for sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse after a DNA sample he provided to authorities under court order matched the baby, who survived.

The new bodycam footage, obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request, also shows police in the room with the victim but the video is heavily pixellated and the mother and her newborn are not visible, the Arizona’s Family news site reported.

I did several posts about Sutherland at the time the rape was reported:

I also did an article on the more general problem of sexual abuse (and impregnation!) of unconscious female patients by male nurses, which is the subject of a famous scene in the movie Kill Bill.

Here’s the scene:

That was probably based on the real-life 1996 case of John Horace, below.

One of several cases, before and since.

Obviously, no one but me is reporting his race and national origin in headlines, and there are more cases like this:

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