MSM “Babies Named Mohammed” Stories Illustrated With Pictures Of White Infants
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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The babies with which the leftist media illustrate stories about the popularity of the name Mohammad, apropos of Steve Sailer's blog post, are always white kids whose names are probably William or Joseph, or, in keeping with the need among younger parents to find more unique names, Noah or Trevor.
Everyone knows real Mohammads, or Muhammads in this case, don't look like the happy little shaver in the San Francisco Chronicle's photo.
So why do the media do it? Well  for one thing, the page designers are using stock photo art. They see a story about baby names, and download a baby photo.
Good enough.
But that doesn't explain why it's always a white baby whose real name is, again and to rip off Johnny Cash, Bill or George or anything but Muhammad?
Why not a black baby to suggest parents of African origin, or a baby with a darker complexion that would suggest Arab ancestry?
Are the MSM gatekeepers attempting to avoid "stereotyping?" See, white babies are named Muhammad, too, not just blacks and others of a darker hue.
Or are they hiding the truth that the popularity of the name means Islamic immigration is a serious problem? See, babies named Muhammad look just like you.
Whatever the answer, as I wrote in 2010, if those kids are Muhammads, I'll eat my taqiyah.


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