May Farm Attacks In South Africa: A Murdered Mayor, And A 67-Year-Old Farmer Doused With Boiling Water
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Farm attacks continued in May. Unlike the U.S., there are not many victim photographs, because the victims are still in danger, and don't want to draw attention. An exception is the former mayor of Verulam, above, who is a public figure. 

  • 74-year-old Manna Naidoo was fatally shot in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The victim’s body was discovered in a cane field near his farm. He as riddled with bullets. Reports say the safe in his home was open and four of his firearms missing. (Naidoo is a Hindu name, the South African spelling of Naidu—there is no Coalition of the Fringes in present-day South Africa.)

[Missing KZN Mayor Manna Naidoo’s Body Discovered in Canelands After Farm Attack, SAPeople,,  May 26, 2022]

  • Vernich Smith, 41, was shot in his legs during a home invasion east of Pretoria in the Gauteng province.

Also in the home were the victim’s wife, three children, and their grandmother. Five assailants fled taking one cell phone.

[Farm attack, man shot in both legs during house invasion, Boschkop, by Crime Correspondent,, May 25, 2022, 2022]

  • A young couple returned to their home near Kariega in the Eastern Cape province while it was being ransacked.

 The couple fled, but were chased, assaulted, and bound.

[Farm attack, young couple ambushed, tied up, Kariega, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 25, 2022]

  • A farm home in Newcastle, in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province was ransacked as the farmer and his wife drove workers home at day’s end.

One of the workers returned to the house to retrieve a forgotten item. Noticing someone fleeing the house, the worker notified neighboring farmers who captured the assailant.

[Farm attack averted, 1 suspect arrested, Newcastle, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 19, 2022]

  • Four armed attackers posing as buyers attacked a farmer at his home outside Newcastle, in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

The 67-year-old farmer was doused with boiling water and family members were choked and beaten. The thieves took cash and cell phones.

[Farm attack, farmer tortured with boiling water, family choked, Newcastle, attributed to Oorgrens veiligheid,, May 12, 2022]


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