Making Migrants Into Fake Martyrs
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When I was on the southern border, helping illegal aliens in thanks to Trump overriding Sessions and falling for the “Kids in Cages” ruse, the media seemed to rejoice each time an illegal alien died in our custody. Remember that most people don’t read past the headlines. In one case, a father had entered illegally with his daughter into Arizona. They, along with the larger group they were part of, were packed into a transport van to take them to a processing facility that was over an hour away. The pre-teen daughter passed out. The father let the driver know and the BP driver radioed ahead and stepped on the gas. When they got to the Border Patrol station, two Agents trained as paramedics met them there. The pair worked on the daughter to try to save her, but the daughter died anyway.

If you just read the headlines, “Child dies in Border Patrol custody,” you would think that Agents beat the child to death and that’s exactly what the open borders crowd wants you to think. They ignore that the Border Patrol saves a lot of people. One of my friends was telling me about a woman they once found in the desert who had gone blind from dehydration. Apparently, it’s not uncommon to lose so much fluid that the water in the eyes dries up, causing the person to go blind. When they’re that dehydrated, it’s hard to find a vein to pump fluid into. BORSTAR team members worked frantically on her and managed to resuscitate her.

Another time, a 16-year-old boy died despite our paying for brain surgery on him. He was really in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) when he died, but no matter, if you only read the headline, it sounds like he was in the custody of those evil men in green [Guatemalan boy who died in US custody suffered from brain infection, The Guardian, May 3, 2019].

Because so much of what we are fed by mainstream news is propaganda, I’d like to remind people that illegal aliens are still dying in custody, but not at the hands of the Border Patrol. Far from it: we are spending massive sums trying to save their lives. People who are sick are coming to the United States intentionally so they can get treated at the local hospital’s emergency room.

Strangely, now that the Biden regime is in charge, those stories of illegal aliens dying in custody are not hyped like they were before. Take this story, barely a blip in the media about it [Migrant advocates question death of 8-year-old girl in CBP custody in South Texas, by Sandra Sanchez, Fox5SanDiego, May 22, 2023]. Just as before, the government went above and beyond to try to save the child. In this case, the child had had heart surgery at the age of five.

The left loves these cases because they exploit them for propaganda value. A child dies in custody? The only solution is more open borders and more resources spent on their healthcare.

It’s a technique towards their goal of an open border. There’s an entire website set up to rejoice over deaths caused by the migrant surge.

They love playing the fake martyr. These deaths are not caused by abuse, but because thousands and thousands of sick people are intentionally crossing the border hoping to get medical care.

Cramming people onto buses, trains and putting them in crowded migrant camps in Mexico is a sure way to get more diseases into the United States. COVID 19 was just one of many diseases exacerbated by the open border.

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