Latest Horror in South Africa Should Prompt WHITE Refugee Admissions
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I have read, as I’m sure you have, of the tyranny in South Africa. Pushing hard the limits of credulity, the black government is moving to confiscate the land owned by every white owner—and redistribute it to the black people of the country.

As Zimbabwe is our model, we know what will happen. Chaos will follow, whites will be terrorized, and some even murdered. Further, the many white farmers who have made their country a super-productive agricultural gem shining brightly in darkest Africa, will likely look for a new, more free country to which they may immigrate.

I suggest that we provide a haven for these poor souls. Indeed, I hope we will do more than just say, “you may come here if you wish.” We should vigorously urge them to come. We should pursue them with the dedication we show when we are trying to land a lucrative new manufacturing facility. Why am I saying this? Let me tell you—the white South Africans are a fine folk.

Do you remember Dr. Christiaan Barnard? He was the South African doctor who performed the first heart transplant. I have met in this country others from that country. I can recall a female oncologist who had fled her country under a pall of fear, and was practicing her profession here: also, a sky-diving instructor; a young male golfer whom my wife and I housed during a visit. All were exemplary people.

There are still others that I might add: The wife of a writer for the New York Times is one, and a whole family that a former teacher tells about. She had one of the children in this family in one of her cases, and she speaks highly of them.

In my judgement, people such as these, in stark contrast to the bulk of our recent emigres, would enrich our country. They speak English, they are industrious and intelligent, and they, as we, value the Judeo-Christian Western tradition.

Finally, they have suffered under hyper-political correctness, and should be virtually immune to its false maxims. They would partially offset the flood of less desirable others flooding our shores. They might be the transfusion of new blood that we need, and that would help to Make America Great Again.

Let’s go for them!

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