Kritarchs Of The EOIR Immigration "Courts" Are Back In The News With Treason Lobby Documentary
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Kritarchy itself has taken a turn on the immigration issue with the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, especially the 5th Circuit, and based District Court Judges, such as hero Andrew Hanen, thwarting many aspects of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. It would seem strange that the radical open borders left would be pushing kritarchy at this time. Perhaps they just can’t help themselves. The left never thinks about consequences because they think they are immune. And the Treason Bar is one of the worst offenders. They have no self-awareness, only ideological blinders.

But, whether or not it is politic, kritarchy is back, in this case in the form of a new documentary about a pair from the Treason Bar and their political use of kritarchs and the judiciary to interfere with the deportation of illegal aliens.

In the new documentary Guerrilla Habeas, filmmakers Emma Wall and Betsy Hershey advance an urgent argument about immigration courts: they function differently and apart from the American judicial system, often to the detriment of immigrants themselves.

The documentary centers on the lives of two lawyers, Sarah Gillman and Gregory Copeland, who founded the Rapid Defense Network, an organization that provided legal representation to undocumented immigrants who faced deportation. The documentary follows Gillman and Copeland from 2019 to 2021 during the Trump Administration and into COVID-19, as they employed an unusual legal strategy to defend their clients within the flawed immigration court system.

‘The System is Broken’ New Documentary Filmmakers on How Immigration Courts Hurt Immigrants, by Jasmine Aguilera, Time/Yahoo, February 1, 2023

Despite the self-aggrandizement by the filmmakers, they are not doing anything original; their documentary is merely putting a four-year-old article from The Intercept to film.

And the film, yet to be released, appears to be the shameless baby-waving so common on immigration stories, as the original article in The Intercept was. For a claim that the “guerilla” attorneys are so innovative, the theme and presentation are the cheap lies about illegal aliens in deportation proceedings.

The strategy is to present any illegal alien as some sort of saint, put in irrelevant information concerning whether or not they should be allowed to remain, and then demand “justice.” And, of course, put nothing in the presentation that would distract from the agenda, illegal aliens good, big bad ICE bad. For the uninformed, it does not matter if you are a nice person, if you do charitable work, if you are married, if you have a pliable local politician on your side, or whatever; none of that matters in immigration law, especially if it is not material to your claim to being allowed to remain in the United States under the proper immigration category. Just because you claim to be a nice person and come from a bad place, that does not mean you get to stay.

Two of the other themes are how clever this pair from the Treason Bar are at manipulating Federal judges to order the release of illegal aliens and entering orders, which they are not legally allowed to do, preventing deportation. Title 8 United States Code Section 1252, Judicial Review Of Orders Of Removal generally prohibits exactly what these Treason Bar shysters and their kritarch allies are doing.

The second theme is that the immigration court system is broken and therefore Federal District Courts should become the new immigration court, seizing cases from the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR) and going full kritarch, releasing wholesale illegal aliens from both detention and the deportation process itself.

Now, the Treason Bar shysters are correct on one point: The immigration court system is broken. The backlog in the EOIR is in the millions and only getting worse under the traitors Alexandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden. The only disagreement with the Treason Bar shysters by immigration patriots is that the EOIR should be abolished and the decisions about deporting illegal aliens should be returned to the immigration enforcement agencies themselves.

But the Treason Bar solution is more kritarchy. They seem to think they control the Federal judiciary. However, the Treason Bar don’t appear to have read the most recent tea leaves. But that is their problem. Immigration patriots should be putting pressure on Kevin McCarthy to end the kritarchy and the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties by legislation.


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