Jussie Smollett's Defenders Just Can't Let Themselves Take The L
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Jussie Smollett’s campaign to educate Americans in the existence of hate hoaxes rolls on.

Jussie got sprung from jail after a half-dozen days by two judges voting he should get bail until his appeal is heard.

And Jussie’s supporters just can’t take the L and walk away. Instead they are doubling down on the notion that Jussie, because he’s black and gay, is a Who and his victims are ordained by nature to be Whoms. For example, from the Washington Post opinion page:

Opinion: Why jailing Jussie Smollett is unjust

By Paul Butler
Contributing columnist

Paul Butler, a Washington Post contributing columnist, writes on issues at the intersection of criminal justice and race. Butler is the Albert Brick Professor in Law at Georgetown University Law Center and an MSNBC legal analyst.

March 15, 2022 at 5:58 p.m. EDT

I don’t believe Jussie Smollett but I recognize when a Black man gets railroaded through a justice system that is out to get him. A rich entitled actor is hardly the most sympathetic face of reform. Still, Smollett’s case demonstrates that when powerful elites decide they want a Black man locked up, nothing and nobody — not even the elected prosecutor — will stop them.

Smollett’s the Black, gay actor who falsely claimed he had been the victim of a hate crime — attacked, he said, by two masked men who used racist and homophobic slurs and tied a rope around his neck.

… But incarcerating Smollett for falsely reporting a hate crime has nothing to do with protecting actual victims of racist and homophobic violence.

And they are the only crime victims who count. Victims of criminal fraud, such as white people defamed en masse by Jussie, don’t matter.

Rather, it’s legal vigilantism that sends a stern warning about the limits of criminal justice reform: If those in power want a Black man locked up, they will find a way to do it. …

So a White male lawyer in private practice [distinguished Dan Webb] was handed more control over a criminal case than the Black female prosecutor elected to make those kinds of decisions.

Due to the corruption of the black female prosecutor.

But Webb’s decision to throw the book at Smollett didn’t just undermine the legitimacy of the system. Public safety took a hit too.

Sending a Black gay man to jail for lying about being attacked will not encourage hate crime victims to come forward.

But it will discourage hate hoaxers from poisoning race relations in America.

Instead, it sends the message that they, rather than their assailants, are subject to being incarcerated if authorities don’t believe their stories. The most victim-sympathetic response would have been for the police to express disappointment in Smollett’s false report, but to let the community know that other allegations would receive the same intense response that Smollett’s had.

Except that no one would actually believe that, particularly not those minorities who seldom receive equal protection of law.

After all, the media never pay attention to purported hate crimes. Haven’t you heard of Emmett Till?

Smollett’s initial claims got special treatment because of his celebrity status. It’s why then-Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson flew to New York to be interviewed on national television, and devoted about two dozen officers and $130,000 to investigating Smollett’s allegations. In a city where most homicides go unsolved, Foxx’s decision to focus her prosecutorial resources on the real bad guys seems eminently reasonable.

Uh, no, Foxx got a phone call from Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, telling her that Jussie had friends in high places. By the way, the SPLC hired Tina to write its official report explaining the SPLC’s scandals that led to its legendary founder Morris Dees to be fired. That was about three years ago but I haven’t heard of anything since. Tina should have the time on her hands since she got herself fired from her main gig over some Cuomo-related scandal.

… As for Smollett, he is just another Black man serving time — in a system more perverted than his crime.

He’s a Black man. Notice the reverential capitalization? That means you are to kneel before him.

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