Italy's "Unique Genetic" Code INCLUDES Family And Nation
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But individuals with their “unique genetic code” share more of their genetic code with members of their nation, family, and sex than they do with random consumers.

It’s possible for the genetic code glass to be both part full and part empty simultaneously. Similarly, it’s possible for ethical obligations to be more concentric than leapfrogging.

To me as an American, the notion that there’s a place called Italy, and that it is full of beautiful towns built by Italians, and that the builders’ Italian descendants continue to live charming lives in the Italian manner in the places their ancestors built does not fill me with foreboding.

I hope to someday be able to afford to revisit Italy, which struck me when I backpacked around Europe in 1980 as the World’s Best Tourist Destination, just as young gentlemen doing the Grand Tour in centuries past had concluded. But even if I never get back, it warms my heart that Italy is still there.

What does fill me with foreboding is the thought that someday Italy won’t be Italy anymore, that it will become StripMall One.

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