Illegals Sleeping In The Streets Of New York—And Soon, In Central Park!
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New York City’s crisis with illegal aliens just gets worse. Now hundreds of them are sleeping in the streets. That may work in August, but what happens come November? Nobody knows. There’s no plan, just ad hoc expedients.

We read this week that Eric Adams, the city’s clueless mayor, may be planning to erect a tent city for the border-jumpers in Central Park. Central Park!—the city’s gem.

Things may have been made worse by the City Council’s decision this week to make sidewalk restaurant sheds— those covered seating areas outside restaurants that came up in the COVID panic—permanent, except between November and March.

So how long will it take the wetbacks to figure out that after restaurant-closing time there’ll be some nice sleepy space on city sidewalks nicely sheltered from inclement weather? And again, what happens in November?

As the stupidity and lawlessness mount, the silence of New York State’s leading politicians becomes ever more deafening. Governor Hochul, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand: What have they had to say or propose about the issue? Nothing, zip, zilch, rien, nichts, nada, ничево. Not a word.

Great leadership there in the Empire State. For God’s sake, who votes for these worthless seat-warmers?

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