Hide The Girls. 20-Year-Old “Migrant” Man Registered In N.Y. High School
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Traitor Joe’s illegal-alien dumping flights to Westchester, New York, continue, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino claims, but the local authorities have added a twist. Public school officials are permitting grown “migrant” men to register for high school.

“Astorino—who is looking to unseat Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul this fall — told reporters outside Stewart International Airport that one 20-year-old male migrant was placed into Westlake High School in Westchester County as a junior and is now 21 years old,” the New York Post reported [Biden admin sending ‘adult men’ on migrant kid flights, GOP’s Rob Astorino claims, by Callie Patteson and Kevin Sheehan, June 8, 2022]:

“I mean, by any definition, that is an adult,” Astorino said.

“I can tell you — and we have video — that it is not just the little kids with backpacks being reunited, reunified with their families … it is an expansion of this program,” the former Westchester County executive added. “And what’s happening is we’re having on video, clearly seeing many teenage boys, late teen, early 20s, who are single adult men, who are getting off these flights.”

Single adult males are the demographic most often turned away by border authorities, as they are more likely to be deemed economic migrants rather than legitimate asylum claimants.

Maybe “single adult males” are the most turned away demographic, but single adults of any sex are by far the largest of any demographic whom border agents encounter, as the data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show.

So far this fiscal year, that figure is 917,440…of nearly 1.3 million. That’s about 71 percent.

As well, almost all “migrants” are “economic,” as surveys have shown; 90 to 99 percent of asylum claims are turned down for that very reason.

As for the new scholars in Westchester’s high schools, parents might wish to consider home-schooling their kids, particularly their daughters.

Otherwise, the girls might find themselves getting culturally enriched at knifepoint in a restroom.


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