Harri Honkanen: Amazing Result In Finnish Election—True Finns Came Within A Hairsbreadth Of Forming The Government
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The Finnish elections produced a quite amazing result. Nobody thought the final polls could be right.

  • Social Democrats—17.7% (40 seats) up
  • True Finns—17.5% (39 seats) up.
  • Blue Reform (split from True Finns when they elected 'far right' Hallo-Aho as leader, part of out-going coalition) 1% (no seats)
  • Kokoomus (Free market Conservatives)—17% (38 seats)
  • Centre (party of the Prime Minister)—collapsed from 1st to 13.8%—31 seats.

So, True Finns would have won were it not for the splitters and were a hair's breadth from winning. SDP and True Finns began to spike due to a scandal over old people's homes and the Oulu grooming scandal. I will have more on this election later.

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