Great Replacement Update / Visa Overstays: Biden Regime Records Almost 1M In Fiscal ’22
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If the Traitor Joe Biden weren’t aiding and abetting the Great Replacement of the Historic American Nation, one would assume that he would get a thing or two right on immigration. But Biden does nothing right, which means he is doing exactly what we at VDARE have argued he is doing. So now we learn that the regime permitted 850,000 foreigners to overstay visas in 2022.

That’s “probably a record high,” Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies wrote about the report from the Department of Homeland Security [DHS Reports Record Number of Overstays in 2022, by Jessica Vaughan,, June 23, 2023].

The numbers:

  • Overstay rate: 3.64 percent, double the rate of recent years;
  • Some 98,000 foreigners who entered under Visa Waivers overstayed. Almost 30,000 were from Spain;
  • Largest number of “short-term visitor” overstays were Venezuelans, at 173,000, thanks to Traitor Joe’s handing out Temporary Protected Status to any group that will help the Great Replacement.
  • Mexicans were No. 2 with about 124,000 overstays. Another 131,000 Mexico “temporary workers” overstayed.
  • 9,000 Chinamen on student or exchange visitor visas overstayed. 
  • 5,800 Indian “temporary workers” overstayed.

Given Traitor Joe’s “parole” program and catch-and-release policy, we may safely assume that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of these foreigners will never leave. They will drop anchor babies, or otherwise concoct tales of woe to explain why they must be allowed to stay.

The national security threat here is obvious. That aside, Biden or a GOP president who fears mass deportation will permit them to stay. And that will be another 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 or who knows how many Great Replacers to vote for Democrats and complete the demographic dispossession of the Historic American Nation.

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