Great Replacement Update: Democrats Want Green Cards For “Documented DREAMers”
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Just to make sure we know The Great Replacement is a crazy “white nationalist conspiracy theory,” Democrats want to put 250,000 “documented DREAMers” on the “path to citizenship.”

“Democrats renewed their push Wednesday to provide a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of so-called documented Dreamers who grew up legally in the U.S. but risk deportation when they turn 21 years old,” Roll Call reported yesterday [Democrats renew push for green cards for ‘documented Dreamers,’ by Caroline Simon, May 18, 2022].

Unlike a regular DREAMer—a kid who landed in the United States with illegal-alien parents “through no fault of his own”—a “documented DREAMer” is one who is, we are told, permitted to be here legally:

At a press conference, California Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla touted his bill to permanently protect roughly 250,000 immigrants who grew up in the U.S. as dependents on their parents’ temporary visas, and graduated from American universities, but aged out of that dependent status.

“For these young people, turning 21 means facing an impossible choice,” Padilla said. “Either to leave your family and self-deport to a country that you barely remember, or to stay in the United States living, undocumented, in the shadows.”

Four Republicans, including the usually sensible Rand Paul of Kentucky, cosponsored the bill. A House version collected 10 GOP cosponsors.

So…poof, we get 250,000 new “citizens.” That means voters. Voting data show that 60 percent of those “documented DREAMers,” or 150,000-plus, will vote for Democrats.

Roll Call helpfully added that Republicans are helping Democrats replace American workers, too:

Lawmakers are also working to build traction on a separate bill to revise guest worker visas — including H-2A seasonal agricultural visas and H-2B visas for nonagricultural labor, like hospitality and food processing. That bill passed the House with 30 Republican votes but has yet to be considered in the Senate.

Don’t forget, those workers will either have tens of thousands of anchor babies or bring in tens of thousands of kids who might be future “documented DREAMers.” 

Just keep repeating: The Great Replacement is just a “white nationalist conspiracy theory.”

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