Emma Shafer: Another ‘Nobody’s Victim” Is Murdered. Police Searching For Illegal Alien
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You hate to say a murder victim got what she deserved, but maybe the murder of Emma Shafer is at least instructive. Cops in Springfield, Illinois, are searching for Gabriel Calixto Pichardo, 25, an illegal alien suspected of stabbing girlfriend Shafer to death on July 11. The 24-year-old Shafer was typical of her breed: a communist white girl who had to prove a point by dating a dangerous illegal-alien criminal.

Her obituary:

She was the membership chair of the Sierra Club Sangamon Valley Group, an incoming board member for the Springfield Immigrant Advocacy Network, a former organizer with Faith Coalition for the Common Good, and an active volunteer with countless other community groups.

As for Pichardo, in 2018, he was convicted of kidnapping a former girlfriend after “he began struggling with mental health issues, attempted suicide, and was eventually diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder,” court documents say.

That conviction was vacated and he pleaded guilty to unlawful restraint in 2020. But here’s the line from his immigration case that is particularly galling:

Calixto Pichardo now seeks habeas relief on the grounds that he was denied his constitutional right to due process in the immigration proceedings, because the burden of proof was improperly placed on him to demonstrate that he would not present a danger to the community or pose a flight risk.

Well, it turns out he was a danger to the community and did pose a flight risk.

Pichardo had legal status through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Madeleine Hubbard of Just The News reported, because his mama hustled him across the border when he was 5 years old [Illegal migrant on the run after allegedly murdering activist girlfriend following kidnapping, by August 7, 2023]. He lost that status when he was in prison. When he was arrested in 2021 for illegally entering the country, he applied for asylum. His reason: He was nutty as a jar of Planters, and he might be harmed if deported to Mexico.

Naturally, immigration authorities released him, and “court documents show U.S. attorneys declined to prosecute him for improper entry,” Hubbard reported.

One report correctly claimed that Pichardo “is described as being White” [Springfield murder suspect remains on the run, by Bradley Zimmerman, WCIA.com, July 23, 2023]. Another called him “a Bathalto man” [WAND News investigates man wanted in Springfield murder, by Alyssa Patrick, WAND, August 4, 2023]

So here we have just about all the insane Treason Lobby immigration policies coalescing to help an illegal alien murder one girl, or so police allege: DACA, arrested and released, a refusal to deport, and a bogus asylum application, all policies Pichardo’s victim undoubtedly supported.

One can assume that Shafer wouldn’t want us to draw any conclusions about illegal aliens, or “weaponize” Pichardo to spread “hate” against “migrants” who are only “seeking a better life.”

We await the message that “she was nobody’s victim.”

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