Electric Vehicles And Apartment Renters
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My impression of families that are happy owning an electric car is of ones where dad drives a Tesla to work but mom owns a V-8 three-row SUV that they take for all long trips. Also, they own a single family home with a driveway, ideally a double wide driveway. From the Washington Post:

How do I know if my home can accommodate an electric vehicle?

First, the bad news: If you rely on street parking, your home likely can’t accommodate an EV.

It’s hard to see how outlawing the sale of new gasoline-powered cars after 2035 in California can fit in with Yes In My Back Yard pushes to build more housing, since a key component of those drives is to get rid of parking mandates and let residents fend for themselves finding street parking.

Are they really going to string Level 2 or higher chargers to every street parking space by then? The L.A. Department of Water and Power has been working since 2008 on a replacement water main across the San Fernando Valley for the still functioning one that William Mulholland built in about 18 months around 1915 with pickaxes and mules, and there are still open trenches in the middle of busy streets after 14 years.

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